The first time I organized an event in Bonn was in 2008, then exclusively concerts.

Since 2018 I am active in Bonn under the name I N G E B O R G. These are both individual projects, as well as those that have arisen in collaboration with other artists. For example, the participation in the "Bonner Theaternacht 2019" with a play written by me, the construction of a drag show with drag artists from the Rhineland and the Ruhr under the name "Carousel of Queers". Furthermore, I organized a short film evening about 4 times a year, each time with a different motto, for which I collaborated with the Short Film Agency Hamburg, among others. I N G E B O R G can also take credit for the one or other concert.

Unfortunately, I N G E B O R G has not organized anything through Corona for a long time. But she is confident that this will change again.