Since my youth, I have always tried to commit myself to an artistic medium. First it was writing, later photography, painting, collages. For many years all these passions existed in parallel. Until I finally developed "experiential spaces" for myself, which function a bit like exhibition spaces and in which I work serially. Serial in the sense that in each experience space I dedicate myself to a particular theme, a feeling, a momentum. Here, all of the above media can coexist, confirm each other, or create tension. Together, the works form a palimpsest composed of many different haptic, analog and digital layers.

I live and work in Bonn. Born 1982. Master's degree in literature and history in 2008.  Spent a few years in office jobs. Had to find out that I hate it, so I gave up on this life. In the meantime: pub owner, always: pet owner. Not married, no children, and no ambitions to change that. Next possible step: get myself a dog.


22-25.04.2021 exhibition NICHTMENSCH at Fabrik 45 in Bonn.