Since my youth I have always tried to commit myself to one artistic medium. First of all it was writing, later photography, painting, collages. On top of everything my studies have interim awoken a great love for academic research in me.


For many years all these passions coexisted in parallel. It was only in the past year that I designed the "experiential spaces", which function a little like exhibition spaces and within which I work serially. Serially in the sense that in every space I devote myself to a certain theme, a feeling, a momentum. Here, all the above mentioned media can coexist, confirming each other or creating tensions. Together, the works form a palimpsest composed of many different haptic, analog and digital layers.


However, a number of topics have crystallized that keep me busy: Our origins, our upbringing, the traumas we face and what they do to us. How we deal with illness and death. Interpersonal relationships and how we live them. Our own position and our own health in all this. The rebellion against established structures and concepts. Language!


I live and work in Bonn. Born 1982. Early love for miraculous things. Master's degree at 25 in german philology and history. Spent a few years in office jobs. Had to find out that I hate it, so I gave up on this life. In the meantime: pub owner, always: pet owner. Not married, no children, and no ambitions to change that. Next possible step: get myself a dog.